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Welcome to River Bend Golf Club!


Green is BACK! River Bend Golf Club is the premiere public 9-hole facility of the greater Chicagoland area. Our course features nine holes of bent grass tees, greens and fairways. The links-style layout features scenic wetland areas with water and/or wetlands coming into play on eight out of nine holes. The par 36 design plays up to 3,300 yards and has three sets of tees to accommodate all ability levels.


A golf course flyover is a virtual tour showing every hole of a golf course as if you were riding in a helicopter stopping at each tee, fairway and green for a closer look. From tee to green, golf course flyovers give you an in-depth look from hole one to nine showing the distance and layout of the course so you can plan your shots before stepping foot on the greens.


Welcome to River Bend Golf Club!

The Golf Bike

River Bend Golf Club Introduces The Golf Bike
Lisle Park District  |  June 8, 2015  |  By: Tiffany Kosartes
Bike while you golf? River Bend Golf Club has recently adopted this cutting-edge concept. In May 2015, the public, nine-hole course acquired four Golf Bikes, offering customers a new way to cart their clubs through its scenic fairways.


Golf Maintenance Solutions Logo

Golf Maintenance Solutions to Provide Services to River Bend Golf Club
World Golf  |  January 18, 2014  |  By: WorldGolf.com
Bill Nauroth and Dean Wochaski, CGCS the founders of Golf Maintenance Solutions (GMS) are excited to announce that the Lisle Park District Board of Park Commissioners accepted the proposal submitted by Golf Maintenance Solutions to be the provider of golf course maintenance services to River Bend Golf Club.


Welcome to River Bend Golf Club!course2


Environmentally sensitive areas are to be treated as water hazards. A ball coming to rest in these areas cannot be retrieved and must be abandoned. Play a new ball as near as possible to the point where the original ball entered the hazard with a penalty of one stroke.
Every golfer must have a set of clubs, a putter, and a golf bag.
No coolers are allowed. All alcoholic beverages consumed on property must be purchased on the property.
The maximum number of players allowed per group is four. A maximum of two players are allowed per golf cart.
Proper golf attire is required at all times.
No caddies or spectators are allowed on the course.
Must be 18 years or older to operate a riding cart.
Golfers are responsible to damages to riding cart.
Golfers may have only one ball in play (per the USGA RULES OF GOLF). Practice on the golf course is prohibited.
Every golfer must have a set of clubs, a putter, and a golf bag.


River Bend is a Pace of Play Facility. Please play without delay and observe proper golf etiquette. Golfers are monitored with a maximum time of 2:30 to complete nine holes.
Lightning Warning System: 3 blasts indicate evacuate course, 1 blast indicates resume play
Golfers are responsible for all damage caused by errant shots.
All carts must remain at least 30 yards from greens and on cart path around tees.
Gas cart availability is based on weather and course conditions.
Pull carts must be kept off tees and greens.
Management reserves the right to refuse golf privileges to anyone not obeying posted rules and/or not obeying course personnel.
River Bend reserves right to match players to fill foursomes or tee times.
Players must repair their divots, ball marks on greens, and rake sand bunkers. USGA rules govern play except where modified by local rules.
Guests are reminded to not leave golf bags or personal belongings unattended. River Bend is not responsible for any lost or stolen property. Lost & Found: Found items will be stored up to a maximum of 60 days. Found items must be clearly described by claimant in order for the item to be released.
Smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse, deck or within 15 feet of the clubhouse. Please be courteous with your cigarette/cigar butts while on the course. Remember, cigarette butts are not biodegradable, blemish the landscape and detract from the enjoyable use of the course by other golfers.