Proper Putting Posture

Proper Putting Posture

The best way to set yourself up for success when it comes to putting is first to get into a solid putting stance. To do this we are going to focus on three key components: grip, eye position, and posture. When you look at the best putters on the PGA and LPGA Tours you will see similarities in how they setup to the ball even before they start their stroke. This is not by accident. There are fundamental things you can do to increase you likelihood of making a putt, and it starts with grip.

...focus on three key components: grip, eye position, and posture.

To properly set up to a putt, we must start by holding the putter in a way that allows the least amount of deviation when it comes to the clubface angle and path of the putting stroke. Start by holding the putter chest high with your arms in front of your body. From here we want to point your thumbs downwards toward the ground and pull the elbows in close to your ribs. Once we’ve gotten to this point we are ready to bend down and look at the ball.

Now that our grip is solid we want to get into a posture that allows our eyes to be directly over the ball. Too many times people tend to stand more upright and put their eyes into a position where they are inside the ball. This is most often the result of playing a putter that is too long for the individual. If you need to choke down on your putter in order to get the eyes over the ball – go ahead and choke down.

The last part of the putting setup is posture. We want to limit the amount of lower body movement as much as possible in the stroke. To accomplish this we keep our hips over our heels and our feet into a position where they are just wider than our shoulders.

Proper putting posture can dramatically increase the chances of making more putts and ultimately lowering your score. Focus on grip, eye position and posture and you will be in a great position to begin a solid putting stroke.

Contact your local GOLFTEC Coach for questions regarding putting posture.